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So because it is my life’s purpose to make every computer and tech noob’s coexistence with digital phenomena uncomplicated, easy and frustrationless I have decided to create a review section where I relentlessly dig and retrieve software, online services and other techie things that I think will make your relationship with technology a 100 times better!

You’ll also for sure know about it if I reckon you should proceed with caution or should not proceed at all because I realize many of my Noob Alliance visitors-to-be will find their way here searching for advice on something that may not be A-OK.

To make things even sweeter, all these reviews are totally noob-friendly – which means there will be no frown-lines and headaches 5 seconds into reading any of them.

I will also state on each one whether I own it and have used it or whether it is a review based on research – where I painstakingly scour the endless reaches of the internet so that you don’t have to. 😉 So without further ado….


An iolo System Mechanic Review – let’s dive in!

Type of review : I own and use it – First-hand experience!

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What Is This Thing?

System Mechanic is a computer tune-up and maintenance program that loves to keep your computer junk-free, error-free and running as fast as it can.

It includes a set of nifty features that are designed specifically for the purpose of breathing new life into a computer (desktops and laptops) and for keeping it snappy by scanning for a variety of different factors that impact the speed and responsiveness of your PC.

Once it has scanned for problems, it displays them to you in very easy to understand terms and then allows you to either:

  • Push one button to fix it all
  • Push other individual buttons to fix only certain problems and leave others (for those who prefer more control)
  • Push no buttons after the first scan & fix cycle if set to auto-mode (yayyy! 🙂 )

As mentioned in the last point, System Mechanic can either be set to automatically carry out these helpful tasks in the background without disturbing you (that’s how mine is set) or if you prefer a little more under-the-hood control, then you can go in and use the tools manually (also very satisfying – one million problems found before scan, zero problems found after pushing the “Repair All” button – it feels like successfully restoring your burnt pan back to its former glory using life-hack video advice). 

Okay okay, I’ll stop being dramatic 😉

Do I Need It?

Honestly? Nope, you don’t “neeed” it – you most certainly can attempt to follow an unmentionable amount of “DIYs” scattered all over the internet (for which I am very grateful nonetheless) like this one – but who has time for that these days?

Here’s what you need to know about computers whether you have an old one or a new one – they collect junk over time which slows them down considerably. And to go in manually to correct the issue, while possible, takes a lot of time. (And if you don’t know what you’re doing it takes even more time and costs potentially spending even more time or money fixing stuff ups made during the process).

The good news is that just because your best digital buddy is suffering a bit of lag does not necessarily mean it’s time for a new one – there’s hope and you can absolutely apply some magical remedies like this one.

So if you are a busy individual (whether you’re a computer noob or geek) who uses a computer and prefers to spend your time using it for what it was intended aka work, gaming, school, studying, fun – instead of on managing it the whole time or pulling your hair out because its slow AF, then I know you will appreciate this weapon in your arsenal.

Programs like these can help you avoid pulling your hair out or venture into territory that you are unfamiliar with and frankly also probably want nothing to do with.

>> Click To View & Download From iolo's Website

Is It “Noob” Friendly?

Yes! What I really appreciate about this one is that it’s user-interface (the part you interact with) is straightforward and uncomplicated while the work it carries out behind the scenes is super advanced in contrast. 

Navigating your way around the program is a simple as clicking on one of the large buttons on the side which then displays the chosen section in the big main window like so:

Some Things To Be Aware Of

Because nothing is perfect I also take the time to go have a look at what others say about things and in this case a couple of unfortunate folks have reported these:

  • A little bit of a delay in getting the license code to activate the software once purchased
  • Difficulty renewing the license when the year’s up
  • Annoying popup desktop notifications informing you to either update/upgrade or letting you know there are problems that need to be fixed (this one is odd to me because I’ve never seen a single popup – I do know though that there is an option to turn notifications on and off in the software preferences section if this seems to be an issue with yours)

I have not experienced any of these things so that makes me a very happy camper!

The Down Side

It’s only available on Windows operating systems – that means if you have a Mac or a Linux system then you would have to try an alternative like:

Nadia’s Story-Time

I’m sure you can tell I really reaaaally like this program – and I do apologize but I can’t help it! I get very excited over things that make my life easier and that serve me well. >>blush<<

So once upon a time there was a geek girl who worked on lots and lots of computers including her own and as these things happen she was click-baited while surfing the internet one day (giving in to a link/button/message with a very enticing title that makes you itch to see what it is about – although that didn’t have a ‘name’ back then).

The message was something along the lines of “speed up your computer”. So of course, being a little bit internet-wise I didn’t download that particular program but I was introduced to the reality that such programs actually exist aka “computer tune-up” programs.

I then proceeded to try out one or two free ones and had an uncomfortable experience – when it starts deleting my desktop shortcuts that appear “broken” to it and does things like change my Windows theme settings so that everything looks like a 90s version of Windows as a “default” solution for speeding things up – I then start to become a tiny bit peeved – considering I had to manually undo everything it did because it didn’t have a roll-back feature.

But that’s not all it did friends – a common feature all these programs possess is something called a “registry cleaner” – the “registry” is a very important thing that resides in the system files of a computer and the computer uses the registry for everything!

Now it makes sense then that when errors and left-over entries happen over time as you use your PC that a bit of maintenance will do some good – the problem however is that when it touches an entry that should be left alone the WHEELS FALL OFF.

Lol – I’m not trying to scare you, it is just very important to do your research online when you choose one of these programs because you will be trusting it to fix problems that reside deep inside vital system files and functions.

So after that fiasco I naturally erred on the side of caution when choosing to install one. I kept hearing about System Mechanic but only gave in and gave it a chance a good few years after my bad experiences.

I can tell you with confidence and with my head on a block that it has not given me even a nanometer of inconvenience in the 5 or so years I’ve used it and I won’t want to own a PC without it because I live for spending my time helping other people with their tech and become annoyed having to spend it trying to maintain mine.

Okay But Like, Which Version???

Although all this info can be found on iolo’s website I will noobify it for you – There are a couple different versions that I’ll list here with brief descriptions to obliterate confusion:

1. System Mechanic

  • All the features to speed up, clear junk, fix registry and also:
  • Protection feature – finds and corrects security holes with the newest patches
  • Privacy shield – gives you quick access to Windows settings so that you can turn off things like Personal Data Collection easily
  • Incinerator – a supersonic “recycle” bin – you can use it to delete sensitive files that you don’t want anyone to recover – like ever. (Yep, if you were not aware – it is totally possible to recover deleted data – both scary and a blessing)

2. System Mechanic Pro

  • All of the above
  • DriveScrubber – you can use this to wipe a hard drive, flash drive or other storage media in such a way that no old files can ever be recovered (for example if you were to give away or sell your laptop/PC/Storage devices to someone else – you can rest assured that your personal info is no longer on there and cannot be retrieved)
  • Search & Recover – a program that can help you recover data you deleted by accident (and by “delete” I mean the good old fashioned kind – not the kind of delete or “Scrub” mentioned in the previous point)
  • System Shield – an antivirus and anti-malware program you can enable and use to protect your PC (I recommend you use Avast Free or Premium Antivirus though as it scored better lab and real-world test results as at the time of posting this article)

3. Phoenix 360

  • iolo’s newest offering which includes System Mechanic Pro with all it’s features
  • ByePass – a password manager that stores all your passwords safely – meaning you don’t ever have to remember them again and no one can steal them from you
  • Malware Killer – can remove malware (like viruses) from infected computers and prevent future infections
  • Privacy Guardian – can prevent identity theft, keep you anonymous online and protects your privacy

If you’re just looking for some speed and stability then you will do just fine with the first option.

Conclusion – Yay or Nay?

And today’s verdict is: Yay!! definitely yay!

In my opinion this tool is the best in its field. It is extremely noob-friendly – you don’t need to be a computer whiz to use it.

Great for peepz who have no time or desire to micromanage their computer needs.

Effective – It makes my PC feel snappy, like it did when I had a fresh install of Windows. It’s fast at running all the fixes too, which sits well with me.

Safe – It won’t do things that’ll confuse, annoy me or make my PC stop working like a PC should work (some of these types of programs definitely are capable of wreaking havoc – especially if you’re not a computer whiz and don’t know why it did it or what it did and how to fix it).

Good value for my moolah – I like that one single license (which is an annual fee) allows me to install and use it on all my computers (as long as I’m not using System Mechanic for business purposes it’s cool – they have another license and offering for that).

>> Click To View & Download From iolo's Website


iolo technologies | PC Tune-Up Software Experts

>>>>Coming up in another post is a How-To walk through on System Mechanic for those of you who own it or who have taken the leap!<<<<

So there you have it my dear Noob Alliance, let me know in the comments if this was helpful and let me know what kinds of things you’d like to know more about?! I live to noobify! <333


    • Reply

      Hey Duncan, at this point System Mechanic only runs on Windows computers, however there are some noteworthy alternatives to try – CleanMyMacX for Mac and Stacer for Linux systems.

    • Reply

      Hi there Skailait, indeed these computers we share our lives with can turn into a slow nightmare – thankfully there is always something we can do to remedy the problem!

  1. Melinda


    Thanks! I found this really helpful. I have been dealing with a slow computer lately. I’ll have to check out the system mechanic.

  2. Matts Mom


    This does sound like a really great program. Yes, the time involved to keep the junk off the PC is consuming. I hate running defrag and scan disc. Seems to take forever. So I like this software. Definitely something I can use. Do you know if it also comes with a virus checker? That would be sweet!

    • Reply

      Ahhh now there are two tools I haven’t had to use in ages thanks to System Mechanic! The horrible memories of waiting forever for them to finish are coming back to me! System Mechanic Professional and Phoenix 360 both have a virus checker included called “System Shield” – however I do recommend that you rather use a good free one like Avast Free antivirus or a good premium one like Kaspersky as the latest test results scored that they do a better job of keeping your PC safe!

  3. Stewart Bibby


    I have a Mac and don’t know if it is available for that, but my wife has a PC and has gone through a period of slow booting and other slow issues. I have looked online for software that would help, but nothing stood out to me that said yes it will work.
    Maybe after this I will suggest it to her and get this cleaned up.

    • Reply

      Hey there Stewart, unfortunately it only runs on Windows PCs however I found that CleanMyMacX does a good job on Macs. It might be a good idea to have a tech whiz check your PC first before investing in software to remedy the issue – however you can never go wrong with owning System Mechanic to keep things going smoothly. If you would like some assistance feel free to email me on nadia@computernoobguru.com and we can have a closer look at why that PC is misbehaving! 🙂

  4. Dany


    Never heard about it. I’m a bit skeptical when it’s about installing maintenance tools. From what I was reading, there is no need for these type of tools on Mac computers. What is your opinion?

    • Reply

      Hey Dany, I was skeptical too but I’m converted since I started using it on my Windows PCs. Macs can go without much maintenance for quite some time, however what tends to bog them down is storage space which gets filled up – to remedy this one can either manually address the situation or purchase CleanMyMacX that makes the process a lot easier – check out this useful article from lifehacker.com.

  5. Mark


    what a great article, and by the sounds a helpful tool.. however its hard to know which page to visit to download this, becuase there are so many, can you post a link please

    • Reply

      Thank you Mark, it’s great to know the things I write about prove useful to peepz – it means I’m on the right track and I should keep pushing forward in my quest 😉 If you’d like to try the free version, the link to that one is here. The free version doesn’t have the full feature set but it’s good enough to give folks an idea of what System Mechanic is about. And if you’d like to buy the full version you can do so by following this link. 🙂 If you decide to try it out, I would love to hear your thoughts!

  6. Marlinda Davis


    Hey there! Thanks a lot for sharing the iolo System Mechanic with us. This looks like exactly what I need to put on my computer because I swear it keeps getting slower and more buggy every day! I have no idea what to do besides defrag and check for viruses neither of which are working. I will save this page for later and install this software on my computer to see what it can do to help me.

    Hope it also helps many others with their computer woes, lol.


    • Nadia


      Hey there Marlinda, it’s only a pleasure to be able to write about things that can help folks! If you try it out I would love to hear your thoughts and whether or not it worked for you. There are a couple of things you can try in addition to defragging and virus scanning – check it out here.

  7. Isaac


    I like your review, and yes…there are a lot of tech noobs like me, so we appreciate your easy to understand reviews about computer software etc. In fact I think I like it so much that I am  going to share it on my social media for my family and friends.

    Do you know any other softwares for virus scanning?

    • Nadia


      Hey there Isaac, I’m so happy that I can help! For virus scanning I really love Avast Free Antivirus, it has served me well for many years. And as an extra measure I also keep Malwarebytes on my computer.. It’s really important to have only one scanner that runs constantly in the background (having two or more causes slow-downs and conflicts) so I make sure to disable Malwarebytes‘ real-time protection and run scans with it manually from time to time. 

  8. David


    Whilst not a noob, I am always on the lookout for software to clean up my aging laptop. The system does have a habit of ‘clogging up’, which slows the machine down considerably. I do have software which claims to do the job, but still having issues. This sounds like it will do a good job without over-complicating things! 

    Your review was fun, as well as informative and I will definitely be giving System Mechanic a try.

    • Nadia


      Hi there David, thank you for visiting and commenting! I would love to hear your thoughts after trying System Mechanic – remember to uninstall the other utilities software before installing System Mechanic though – having two going at the same time can conflict and cause havoc.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed my review, do visit again for more handy info 😉 

  9. Nicolaas


    Hi Nadia

    This sounds to the solution of my problem – my laptop is definitely not new anymore and it is getting slower by the day. I tried some of those free ones, but they’re truly just a waste of time.

    I’m really glad for this review and I think I might try this product, thank you.

    • Nadia


      Hi there Nicolaas, I agree, there definitely are some really ineffective ones out there. I hope that System Mechanic succeeds with speeding up your laptop where the others failed – please let me know your experience if you decide to try it! 

      One of the best ways to speed up an aged laptop is to replace the hard drive with a solid state hard drive like this one from Amazon. Solid state drives have no moving parts on the inside like regular ones do which means the read and write speeds are extremely fast.

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