Hello there technophobe, noob, tech enthusiast, fellow gamer or curious visitor and welcome to Computer Noob Guru!

The Love Affair

PC’s have been a passion of mine since I was a little nerdy girl of 7 years old and given my first desktop computer to keep me busy and out of my parents’ & much older siblings’ hair.

Of course games kept me glued to the keyboard and screen, but the love affair didn’t end there! Often the old-school rig would misbehave and no one would be able to fix it, so naturally I took it upon myself to get deep into the root of the problem and rectify the situation. After all, losing out on game-time was unacceptable!

When I discovered I could poke around with the insides, swap things out and around and this could make things faster, well I felt like a kid in a candy shop!

The fascination escalated to the point where I would sit and read the entire Microsoft “Help” file just for fun.

When interwebz and Google stumbled into my lap, my life was complete! The world at my fingertips – I mean, what more could anyone want? 😛

This passion carried through into adulthood and I have since been able to save many a soul in need of help with their misbehaving equipment. The machines seem to respond well to my “magic” touch, much to my delight!

I hope that by now you’ve come to a few conclusions… I’m slightly obsessed and a little crazy – but mainly that I LOVE computers.

The Nasty

On my journey through techy geekdom I discovered to my horror that there is so much fear, frustration and confusion to be eliminated. It can be overwhelming to beginners, but these smart machines are supposed to make life easier and fun!

I also noticed that there are some tech experts that are not very nice to or patient with newbies.

The Point

This brings me to the point (because everything needs a point, right?!) – I have decided to create a space for people who are new to this field, and all things related. Where you can come to learn about the inside and outside of computers, find out what you need to know without being made to feel like a dummy, where you can get help and advice without being overwhelmed.

If your time here converts you into a fearless enthusiast like me, what a bonus!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Much techy nerdy love,


Founder of computernoobguru.com


  1. Reply

    Hi Nadia, this is a very helpful site. So good that you want to share your insights and knowledge with others. Thanks

    • Reply

      Heya Kenny, it’s the best feeling ever to be able to do this! If you ever need a hand, just pop by and I’ll do my best to help 😀

  2. Andrew


    Hi Nadia. What a great site. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you about my computer. Although I am spending quite a few hours on it each day, I really do not know enough about how it works, and how I can get the most out of it.
    Since you have offered, I wonder if I can ask you a techie question?
    There are 2 sites that I have been trying to sign up to, often during the past month, and every time before my information is entered or completed, my web browser locks up and becomes totally unresponsive. I have to use the task manager to close down Firefox and begin again. The results are always the same. The websites are gravatar and Amazon Associates. I am currently in SEAsia and have even tried using a VPN with Amazon Associates and still get the same results. It’s very frustrating.
    Do you have any thoughts as to why this could be happening? Kind regards,

    • Reply

      Hey there Andrew, thank you for stopping by – I’m glad you enjoy the site and I endeavor to add plenty more helpful tips in the future!
      Yes I most certainly would love to help! I feel your frustration, not nice behavior from your PC at all! There are lots of possible reasons it’s doing that – to try and narrow it down I would need some more info about your computer and then we would need to troubleshoot the situation together. One of the first things I would try is to try a different browser (like Google Chrome) – just to see if it’s a browser specific issue. Depending on your results, we can then go from there.

      If you need a quicker solution I’d be more than happy to help via remote support (it’s a secure link over the internet whereby you allow me to remotely dial in and troubleshoot the problem in real-time – you’ll be able to see everything I do as I work to find a solution and we can even communicate via Skype/Google Hangouts or your preferred method of IM-ing throughout the process).

      And if you prefer to communicate via email that’s 100% cool too, just pop me an email on nadia@computernoobguru.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Andrew


    Nadia. Where have you been all of my life! You are a genius, or, I am just an absolute beginner. Both are probably true. It seems that my problem with the Gravatar was browser specific. As you can see I now have a smiling image on your site 🙂
    I have also been able to communicate with Amazon Associates 🙂
    Such a common-sense idea to try when I think about it. But as you probably realize by now, most computer illiterate people don’t apply common-sense to computer problems. I really appreciate your down-to-earth common-sense relaxed attitude and willingness to help. You are an angel 🙂
    I will be keeping in touch, but hopefully not all about ‘the problems!’
    Hoping you have a fantastic day filled with lots of things you love to do and people you love to be with.
    With appreciation, gratitude, and respect,

    • Reply

      Hey there Andrew! That’s awesome and I’m so happy to hear the problem has been sorted! It’s my absolute pleasure to be able to help where I can! Computers can sometimes come at us from funny angles lol – they’re like puzzles and what works for one may not work for another, so you should never feel bad if something turns out to be a simple fix – it may just as well not have been 😉
      Computers are also sneaky – I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone over to someone to check out their PC issue and then all of a sudden the moment I’m there it behaves!
      There’s also a PC I sometimes have to help someone with that literally always challenges me – I could swear these tings have personalities!

      Please do keep in touch! I wish you a stunning day and week ahead, may every step you take lead to amazing blessings and experiences!

  4. Mark


    I love this page, it explains things so well. and I love how Nadia was so patient and helpful to help me out.

    • Reply

      Hey there Mark, thank you for popping by and visiting me here! It was my absolute pleasure to be able to help – I always learn a bunch when trying to figure out solutions to tech problems, so actually I must thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to geek out 🙂 <33

  5. That Liquor Guy 👽


    The Random guy from Ok liquor has found your site, 150% accomplishment achieved 👍

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