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We had some real-talk in a previous post about how important it is to have antivirus software installed on your rig to help keep all those nasties from hooking their gremlin claws into all you hold dear.

Have you taken action yet and covered your behind or are you still in the naughty noobcorner?! Let’s get you out of there, sailor!

Today you and I are going to look at Avast Antivirus (my personal favourite) and the different protection that is offered. Free versus paid antivirus comparison coming up! A noob-friendly translation 😛

About Avast – A Vast Defense Against Threats

Okay okay, I’ll stop being corny for a minute (I just can’t help myself :P)

But seriously, Avast does do an outstanding job of defending your computer and they’ve been defending computers since 1988 – that’s 30 years and 400 million users under their belt.

But enough of the boring stuff – let’s jump into the different versions they offer and what it all means!

Avast Free Antivirus

This is where it all begins, where you get awesome virus busting software for free!

Included is a program that:

  • Blocks viruses and other malware threats in “real-time” (which means it works in the background 24/7
  • Scans and monitors yours Wi-Fi, home & public network for weaknesses that could lead to bad things for you and your computer and helps you fix the issue if it finds a problem
  • Keeps your passwords secure in a virtual vault

Avast Internet Security

This paid-for package is the first and most budget-friendly of their premium offering and includes

  • All of the above
  • + A feature that detects and protects you from those fake poser sites we spoke about in the previous post
  • + A feature that allows you to run downloaded apps in a “safe zone” first in order to prevent all #@#@! from hitting the fan in case said app is a malicious virus from hell – they call this “Sandbox mode”
  • + A nifty spruced-up firewall of its own that takes over the job of the default Windows firewall
  • + A feature that blocks spam emails and those emails we spoke about that could lead to your ultimate doom
  • + An extra layer of security that defends against “Ransomware” and protects your files from being changed in any way or deleted.

(Ransomware is a type of malicious software that threatens to publish your data or block access to it unless a ransom is paid – very nasty- ***cringe***)

Avast Premier

Avis Premier is one up from Internet Security and includes

  • All of the above
  • + A feature that prevents hackers from spying on you through your webcam (Yikes!!)
  • + A tool that can help you delete files permanently and securely without the possibility of anyone recovering it
  • + A feature that searches keeps programs installed on your PC up to date to help prevent vulnerabilities

Avast Ultimate

This is their most premium offering and it includes:

  • All of the above
  • + A PC cleanup tool that can help clear out hidden junk files, free up disk space and speed up your PC
  • + A VPN service (Virtual Private Network) – It’s a tool that keeps your computer completely anonymous on the web – very handy
  • + A premium password manager that also warns if any of your passwords have been leaked

So What Should I Do, Nadia?

At the very least, I highly recommend that you download and install the free version! As much as us enthusiasts love a good challenge to fix things – viruses cause serious head-banging-against-desk syndrome for everyone involved. 🙂

If you have some moolah to invest into your safety and you really care about keeping yourself and your data safe, Avast Internet Security will offer very decent coverage. The feature that can detect fake sites and prevent you from stepping into that pile of doo-doo is priceless, especially for newbies – it can be difficult to identify a fake site yourself. Why take the risk?

They offer a trial period too, which can help you decide whether you like how Avast runs on your system!

For the gaming population:

There’s another benefit to Avast and that its intelligent gaming mode feature – for those of us who like our online-games, it automatically detects when you’re starting a game then adjusts its settings to offer optimum gaming performance, turns off distracting pop-up notifications and all while still protecting you.

No more excuses! 

So there you have it, Avast all nicely translated into English my noob fam! Visit Avast’s website to check out their awesomeness or to make your selection & download.


What’s your favourite Antivirus and why? Comment down below – because sharing is caring! And as always, if you have any questions I can help with, please leave them down below and I will run to the rescue <33



  1. Reply

    Thanks for the review. I always love finding decent free services that I can use. I must admit, I’m a noob. I don’t know if anti-virus software is working or not. I get frustrated with technical things. Thanks for putting it into simple terms for me.

    • Reply

      It’s my pleasure Melinda! It’s awesome being able to help, the pro’s can make things sound so complicated sometimes! <3

  2. Reply

    A very interesting post. I am a user of Avast (Free version) I’ve tried the professional version but couldn’t get on with it, although I use the free version.

    • Reply

      Hi there Derek, I’m a big fan of the free version! It’s true that sometimes the premium ones can complicate things with all their extra features. Thank you for visiting the Noob Alliance headquarters! 😀

  3. David


    What a great review and i will definitely be looking into getting this to protect my site I don’t know the differences in a good site and a bad site and don’t want hackers , spam and malware that’s for sure.
    Thank you

  4. Nick


    Hey I couldn’t agree more about needing antivirus software on your computer no matter what you are doing on it. (unless you never connect it to a network). Great article and very informative about the product. I’m using AVG antivirus now but I might have to look into Avast! I’ll definitely be back to read more! Have a great day!

    • Reply

      Thank you Nick, AVG is pretty good too! They all have their own set of quirks – I plan to have at least one post about each of the most popular ones to help people make an informed decision 😀 Wishing you a super stunning awesome day!

  5. Gus


    Hi Nadia, I am actually using the free version of Avast, it works well. Thank you for the insight into the various versions of the software, very informative and relevant. What do you think of the various ones out there like AVG or AVIRA, I have used both, some do block you from downloading some files, I think I had a problem with Avira blocking me from downloading or installing my FTP software, tried to find the configuration in Avira to let the application pass, but hmm did not find it or just took to long stuffing around so I got rid of it. Anyway wishing you well

    • Reply

      Thank you Gus, I’m so happy to be able share these things with people! I found with the other free ones like AVG and AVIRA that the ability to set various parameters are not as extensive as what Avast Free offers. I get the vibe that they’re intended to just be installed and run as set by the developer’s idea of “Whats best”. Which is fine for people who just browse and do emails, but if you use your PC for more than that and you’re a bit more advanced these rigid settings can really be a pain. I feel that Avast didn’t give any less of a premium product with their free version just because its free – all the customization and different options are available to the user while still being user friendly to the people who don’t want to mess with the settings. This earns major brownie points in my book 😀 Some of them have also done annoying things like make my PC freeze up right after loading windows – not fun. Best wishes and thank you for visiting!

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